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The most popular programming language for AI

With its rich libraries and handy syntax, python stands out and shines to be the most popular tool among the AI community. Python is also extremely beginner-friendly.

Author :Andy Neparidze
Date : 30.06.2022
Over 137 000

Python libraries

About 7 million

Developers using Python

More than 6000

Companies using python

Python was designed by Guido van Rossum and released on February 20th in 1991 by Python Software Foundation. It is a dynamically typed and garbage collected high-level programming language that encourages code readability. Python is widely used in Machine Learning, various kinds of data processing and even Web Development in one of the powerful toolkits Django REST framework. We at EyeNET strongly encourage gaining solid Python skills since it is one of the most important skills for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

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