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The role of technologies in sustainable development

Overpopulation and consumption is increasingly challenging our planet and environment, but cutting-edge technologies are the main tool to alleviate the impact.

Author :Andy Neparidze
Date : 25.06.2022

Illegal fishing now can be detected from space


AI allows more efficient precision agriculture

Forest Monitoring

Using satellite imagery for observation

The development of modern Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms completely revolutionized the way we can contribute to mitigating the climate change and efficient resource management. The ability of machines to observe videos and imagery combined with powerful sensors launched to space or integrated with drones allows time efficient monitoring of what is happening on the surface of Earth. Interesting use cases are wildfire detection, vegetation analysis, polar ice monitoring, natural catastrophe monitoring and prediction and many more. Precision agriculture is one of the achievements made possible by Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. One of the use cases is weed removal where a drone records fields, then the images are analyzed by powerful algorithms classifying different types of plants. Then every plant is mapped to its corresponding coordinates on the field, and it is possible to remove specific classes of plants using machinery that can take advantage of coordinates.

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